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3 Quick Tips To Save Time Procuring

3 Quick Tips to Save Time Procuring

[Buying on Cloudscene] September 22, 2022 9 PM

The traditional method of procurement was as frustrating as it was time-consuming. Why waste hours on lengthy phone calls, mountains of paperwork and endless email chains when you can source network services with the click of a button? Here are 3 ways Cloudscene can help your business save time procuring: 


1. Compare Thousands of Providers, Instantly

Cloudscene hosts over 10,000 service providers on our centralized platform, allowing businesses like yours to compare a wide range of vendors in a matter of seconds - without the hassle of organizing 10,000 meetings. You can save even more time by narrowing the search down to the specific service you’re after (i.e. Rack Colocation, Wavelength, IP Transit, Internet,Cloud Connectivity, SD-WAN, Ethernet, or Dark Fiber) or your desired location for even quicker results. 


2. Manage Multiple Quotes

You can expedite the search for a service provider by requesting multiple quotes simultaneously. There’s no limit to the number of times or number of vendors you can request a quote from, so save yourself a ton of time by casting a wide net. 


3. Cut Down Time Spent Responding to Vendors

Our Marketplace enables buyers to quickly and efficiently respond to vendors. Simply log into ‘My Marketplaceto view your current bids; you can choose to either View Bid, Shortlist, or mark it Unsuccessful. This feature significantly reduces the amount of time you spend responding to suppliers and helps you keep track of your different opportunities. 

.... See? We told you it’d be quick! 

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3 Quick Tips To Save Time Procuring

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