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Cloudscene’s H2, 2021 Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard Results


Cloudscene’s H2, 2021 Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard Results

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, 4 February, 2022 – Cloudscene, the world’s leading connectivity marketplace and market intelligence platform for buyers and sellers of network services has today released the results of its H2, 2021 Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard. Data center operators across key regions: North America, EMEA, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America are ranked each half-year by their ecosystems of data centers, service providers, network fabrics, and cloud on-ramps.

Cloudscene's H2 2021 Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard

In H2, 2021, Equinix retained its position as the number one provider in Asia, while China Telecom has increased a place and moved into second position as ranked in Cloudscene’s H1, 2021 Data Centre Ecosystem Leaderboard. 

In North America, Equinix, Digital Realty and CoreSite have retained their top three positions and Verizon has improved two places, ranking now at number seven. 

In EMEA, Digital Realty, Equinix and Lumen Technologies still hold the top three positions, respectively. While Digital Realty holds its position as the market leader for total data centre footprint, service provider and network fabric ecosystems, Equinix is the market leader for total cloud-on ramps and ranks competitively for all other categories.

Notably, euNetworks has moved into the top ten for EMEA, having increased the number of fabrics across their locations in the region. 

The results in LATAM have solidified Equinix, Digital Realty, and Lumen Technologies in the top three places for the region, while TIVIT advanced four places into ninth position.

The results in Oceania have remained steady, Equinix, NEXTDC and Vocus Communications have again taken first, second and third place, respectively. The results for this region have seen iSeek and Macquarie Data Centres switch places and reach ninth and tenth places within the rankings. Impressively, . Oceania has experienced a 300% increase in cloud on-ramps by one major provider since July 2020. 


H2, 2021 Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard Results


H2, 2021 Leaderboard - Asia


H2, 2021 Leaderboard - EMEA


H2, 2021 Leaderboard - LATAM

North America

H2, 2021 Leaderboard - North America


H2, 2021 Leaderboard - Oceania

Since the release of Cloudscene’s H1, 2021 Data Centre Ecosystem Leaderboard, the colocation, cloud, and connectivity industry’s service footprint has expanded on a global scale with an additional 342 data centres, 116 service providers, 452 network fabrics and 52 cloud on-ramps, being deployed this half year. The Asia region accounts for 17% of data centres, 34% of service providers and 9% of network fabrics.

Oceania also has a market positioned within the top five globally for total number of cloud on-ramps with major Cloud Service Providers investing in considerable cloud on-ramp growth across this region

Meanwhile, EMEA represents the largest percentage of data centre ecosystems, with a 40% share. The region also boasts a 49% share of network fabrics, making it the largest market across all regions, and has a strong position when it comes to cloud on-ramps.

North America maintains its position as the largest holder of cloud on-ramps in any region with a 36% share across all markets. The region is also close behind EMEA with the second highest percentage of data centres at 36%.

"As the demand for network services continues to rise in the global digital market, so has the need for industry leaders to increase their footprint. Enterprises of all sizes are becoming increasingly reliant on digital solutions and are expanding their search for data centre, network and cloud services to support their business objectives," said Belle Lajoie, CEO, Cloudscene.
"The results of the H2, 2021 Leaderboard show that, while EMEA continues to be a strong player in the industry, the rapid growth in Asia and Oceania means that these regions are making competitive headway in the global market. Here at Cloudscene, we're making sure that we diligently track these developments to provide the most comprehensive and accurate data possible," said Lajoie.

Data was sourced from service providers and data center operators, and collated based on the following categories which were each assigned a weight based on relative importance for understanding data center ecosystems across the industry:

  • Total data center footprint (20%)
  • Service provider ecosystem (30%)
  • Total network fabric presence (20%)
  • Total cloud on-ramps (30%)

For info on our industry data and Leaderboard rankings, visit Cloudscene Discover or get in touch with our friendly team.

To learn more about cloud growth and market share for 2020 and 2021, get Cloudscene’s 2021 Global Cloud Growth Trends Report. Are you a data center operator that wants to rank among the top ten ecosystems in your region? Update your data on Cloudscene to be in with a chance to place in the H1, 2022 Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard – to be released in July 2022.

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