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The Procurement Shift: The New Way to Buy


The Procurement Shift: The New Way to Buy

There’s no fighting it, e-commerce is the way of the present and the future. Research shows that by 2025, 80% of sales interactions between buyers and sellers will occur digitally. We’re diving deeper into this trend to outline exactly why the shift towards digital procurement can save your business time and energy, while also enabling you to better fulfill your business objectives

Why more businesses are going digital

Businesses aren’t adopting these technologies because it’s the trendy thing to do, it’s because digital solutions can help them achieve their business goals. Whether a company wishes to streamline their operations, strengthen customer relationships, or analyze their performance in a more meaningful way, cultivating a solid digital strategy has become non-negotiable if you want to meet your objectives. 

So how do digital solutions achieve all this? Solid and up to date data. Enterprises that can use data to inform the way they operate are empowered to make strong and strategic business decisions. Without good data, you have as much chance making informed decisions as you do playing darts blindfolded.

Digital vs Traditional Procurement

Online platforms, such as Cloudscene Marketplace, enable intuitive interactions between service providers and customers by cutting down the layers of traditional barriers to procurement. Marketplace allows buyers to input their service requirements so that we can connect them with a vendor that meets their needs and can offer a competitive price. The platform allows the buyer to let vendors know you are interested in their quote with the click of a button and manage quotes easily in a centralized place.   You can even download a spreadsheet to view and easily compare your quotes!

Plugging in your sales team

Research shows that buyers now only spend 17% of their time physically meeting with suppliers when considering a purchase.  But less face-time doesn’t have to equate to poorer customer service. By working across a data-driven platform, sales teams can better support more customers in more markets, even globally, in an instant. Digital platforms enable teams to unlock savings and meet their business objectives by streamlining the sales process, communicating better with buyers and using tools to manage activities. 

The shift to digital-first strategies has been taking place gradually, however, the exponential growth in this area means technologies are also shifting to suit the needs of the modern buying and selling experience. To make a long story short, Cloudscene Marketplace can help both buyers and sellers enhance efficiency by providing them with a centralized, one-stop-shop for procuring network services. Read more about sourcing on Cloudscene Marketplace here.

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