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Cloudscene 101

Cloudscene 101

[Buying on Cloudscene] September 22, 2022 9 PM

So, you’ve gone through our website, seen the testimonials, maybe even read a blog or two, but are you still wondering ‘what does Cloudscene actually do’? 

If you’re new to the procurement process, a lot of what we talk about here at Cloudscene probably sounds like Greek to you. Luckily, our team is here to act as your virtual translator and guide to ensure that your experience with the platform is as uncomplicated as possible. 
Here are some of the fundamental principles we use to explain to clients who we are and what we do at Cloudscene (don’t worry, there won’t be a test at the end):


Back to Basics

To understand what Cloudscene does, we first need to understand network procurement; if you’re already familiar with the concept, feel free to skip this section. 
Network procurement refers to when a company looks to buy telecommunication services such as Rack Colocation, Wavelength, IP Transit, Internet,Cloud Connectivity, SD-WAN, Ethernet, or Dark Fiber. 
Network procurement is now more vital than ever. Companies of all sizes need these services to communicate with their customers, interact with supply chains and even make digital transactions. Rapid technological progress and the COVID-19 pandemic have made it nearly impossible for businesses to operate without a solid digital infrastructure and strategy, and that’s where Cloudscene comes in.


Traditional Procurement vs Digital Procurement

Traditionally, network procurement is a very time-consuming process. Companies have to research and compare dozens of providers to find a vendor that meets their specific needs and endure lengthy negotiations, phone calls and email chains. 
Digital procurement platforms, like Cloudscene, provide myriad benefits for businesses looking to procure network services, including lower prices, time saved and increased variety in vendors. Companies can search, compare and connect with service providers from all over the world on a centralized platform - which does wonders for both your calendar and wallet. 


Our Solution

Cloudscene was created to help buyers and sellers of network services easily connect and mitigate the frustration of the traditional procurement process. 
By creating a free account with Cloudscene, buyers have access to the following: 

  • A comprehensive database of over  10,000 network services providers from around the globe. 
  • The ability to ‘create listings’ for your service requirements. If there are specific vendors you'd like to receive quotes from, you can invite them to bid on your listing and mark it as 'private', otherwise, a 'public' listing will be visible to all vendors.
  • A centralized platform to manage and quickly respond to bids/quotes from suppliers. 
  • A free project management platform to help organize activities within your team.
  • The ability to search for vendors by services/products (i.e. colocation, cloud connectivity, IP Transit etc.), or by location to help you find a provider that meets your specific requirements.

Essentially, Cloudscene Marketplace helps businesses looking to buy network services by providing them with an extensive database of vendors and the ability to manage the procurement process from end to end on a centralized platform. 

Sign up for a free account with Cloudscene today to start saving time and money on your network requirements. If you or anyone in your team would like to learn more about the platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, we’re here to help.

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