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Construction and Augmented Reality: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Construction and Augmented Reality: Bringing Your Vision to Life

The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has changed how we do business. This current phase of industrial practices is driven by data and new technologies, impacting almost every industry in the global economy, and construction is not exempt.

In construction, an example of this digital impact can be clearly seen by the widespread adoption of Augmented Reality (AR). AR presents a live view of a physical location or environment that has been augmented by computer-generated experiences such as video, graphics, sound or information. Essentially, AR shows the viewer a real-world environment that has been virtually enhanced to illustrate what it would look like in a different or improved state. 

Here are 4 ways AR is improving construction practices and how Cloudscene can help businesses in the industry to connect. 

1. Safety First

The risks of working in construction are very apparent. Workers have to operate heavy machinery, are exposed to dangerous goods and substances, and are at risk of being hit by moving objects - the list goes on.

AR training offers employees the opportunity to learn about a worksite and equipment safety policies without risking potential injury. This is a significant advantage for construction employers looking to recruit new workers and train them in a safe environment. 

2. Accurate Building

AR enables contractors to quickly and easily compare the physical building they’re working on with the original design. An example of this is when a worker needs to compare measurements without looking away from the building. AR technology allows the worker to automatically measure the part of the site in question without diverting their attention, thus saving time and improving safety. 

AR presents contractors with a view of design specifications exactly where they’re needed, mitigating human error, reducing material waste and increasing efficiency on a worksite. 

3. Streamlined Communications

Working on a construction project requires constant and efficient communication between the client, suppliers and contractors. However, not all invested parties can be present at the worksite to collaborate should a problem arise.

AR facilitates streamlined communication between stakeholders. With AR, contractors can instantly and easily record construction discrepancies that can be shared with the designer for advice. AR provides a visual record of the progression of the building against the design and enables remote employees to efficiently collaborate with those on-site. 

4. Improved Project Management

Many construction firms integrate AR with design software like AutoCAD to assist with planning projects more efficiently. Team members can virtually ‘walk through’ plans once a design is completed using AR technology. This process enables workers to organize logistics and quickly recognize issues that need to be addressed before construction begins. This significantly reduces the risk of needing to rework designs down the track and can save the construction firm considerable time and money.

Connect with Cloudscene 

One of the key benefits of AR technology is the fact that it can be accessed by nearly any device with internet capabilities, however, if an employee is left without a reliable network connection they will be unable to participate.

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