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Exciting Upgrades to Cloudscene Platform

Exciting Upgrades to Cloudscene Platform

[Selling on Cloudscene, Buying on Cloudscene] August 30, 2022 2 AM

Here at Cloudscene, our goal is to continue to disrupt the industry by breaking down barriers to procurement and making buying and selling telecom solutions as simple as possible. So, after months of research and development, we’re delighted to announce the launch of some exciting upgrades to the platform! 

This quarter, we’re introducing two key enhancements designed to help buyers quickly connect with relevant vendors and enable service providers to generate greater exposure. Additionally, the website has received a fresh, new look and gives users a more intuitive way to navigate the platform. Let’s talk details: 


Search Functionality

We’re introducing an improved search functionality to help network buyers easily connect with relevant service providers. Previously, users had access to extensive market data but weren’t matched with suppliers based on their specific business needs. While useful, this didn’t allow buyers to filter providers by the types of services they offered to find the perfect solution for them. 

On the new platform, customers can search for a service (e.g., Rack Colocation) in their desired location (Market or Country) and see which service providers fulfil both criteria. This upgraded functionality provides more accurate search results, increases the buyer’s chance of connecting with a relevant provider and reduces time spent on procurement.  

The new search functionality outlines which services are available under each major service category, helping buyers make educated decisions about their network requirements. For example, buyers exploring the Cloud & Hosting category can view all services under that umbrella, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Bare Metal.  

This tool is invaluable for inexperienced telco buyers as it reveals interactions between different network services, broadening their understanding of the market. To further support users, we’ve also uploaded a library of educational content to help users easily navigate the procurement process, which we will regularly build upon.  


Subscription Model 

Service providers can look forward to more exposure opportunities with our new Subscription Advertising models, which will replace the existing Promoted Profile package. These new models allow providers to list all the services they offer under popular categories like Data Centres, Cloud Connectivity or Ethernet, to name a few. These service categories reflect the most searched-for phrases and services on our platform. By accurately indicating the service(s) they offer within these categories, providers can improve how they appear in search results and increase visibility to buyers.

The Subscription Model gives service providers access to a suite of new tools designed to help them boost their presence, align better with buyers, and increase exposure. One of these new features enables service providers to run Review Campaigns, allowing them to showcase positive customer feedback and foster trust with prospective buyers. Additionally, our new boosting tool gives providers further control over where their services appear in search results for specific markets, providing opportunities for vendors of all sizes. For example, a vendor specializing in Dark Fiber can ‘boost’ their results above competitors in a particular market or country to be seen by more buyers.

These new features are Cloudscene’s answer to popular marketing tools like Google Ads, display advertising, SEO, and review sites like G2. The difference is that your marketing and advertising efforts are executed on a centralized platform in front of an existing audience of motivated telco buyers. 


Have any Questions?

If you’re a service provider and want to learn more about these new opportunities, please book a time to meet with us. If you haven’t already, please complete this form to ensure that your profile details are up to date so you can make the most of these new upgrades.   

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