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Expanding Your Service Offering with CloudPort: An Interview with 5GN Wholesale’s Nic Tippelt

Expanding Your Service Offering with CloudPort: An Interview with 5GN Wholesale’s Nic Tippelt

[Cloud, Expert Insights] July 25, 2022 2 PM

CloudPort, an exciting new product from 5GN Wholesale, provides access to multiple telco services from a single hub. The portal enables network providers to easily harness the potential of new technologies and have unparalleled control over the services they deliver. This product is ideal for growing providers looking for scalable solutions and is flexible enough to offer bespoke deployments for smaller enterprises. 

To discuss the launch and capabilities of CloudPort, we sat down with Nic Tippelt, Wholesale Manager for 5GN Wholesale. Mr Tippelt offered insight into the many benefits of the service and how CloudPort fits into the broader telco landscape.  


What is CloudPort?

Fittingly the tagline for CloudPort is “No network port has ever worked so hard”. CloudPort enables customers to connect with multiple cloud environments, data centres and network services through a single hub. This streamlined access helps network providers easily manage and scale service requirements as their business expands or new technologies enter the market.   

Once a customer activates their CloudPort, they can simply add their desired services (such as Last Mile, IP Transit and Data Center Connect, to name a few) via 5GN’s online portal and manage their network from there. Mr Tipplet describes the service as “a universal gateway into the 5GN Wholesale ecosystem. It allows you to consume our full suite of products, as well as access into many partner ecosystems from a single port.”   

As the telco industry and network products diversify, this hub offers service providers a streamlined method of managing their networks. Instead of switching from one portal to another, CloudPort enables providers to spend more time servicing customers rather than manually overseeing each individual product in their portfolio.


Servicing a Broad Range of Enterprises

CloudPort is ideal for telco service providers looking to expand their network or simplify product management. The solution was designed to help providers navigate the constantly evolving telco landscape.   

Mr Tippelt says, “The Australian Telecom market is saturated with a diverse range of challenges: an ever-changing and unforgiving climate, population dispersion and the pure scale of our country, coupled with the rapid emergence of new technologies entering the market. With these challenges, many managed/network service providers have a big gap to jump to fully realize the potential of new access networks and technologies, as well as ensuring that they have the best telecom services for the task, every time.”  

CloudPort helps bridge this gap by offering managed and network providers a universal gateway to a suite of wholesale services. Providers can use this single-entry point to manage a geographically diverse customer base (like Australia), quickly turn services on or off in the case of a disruption or assess new technologies as they arise.   

When asked if CloudPort is a suitable solution for SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) he replied, “Whilst typically a wholesale product, CloudPort suites itself to all users given its ability to rapidly deploy and deliver our scalable product suite, including Data Center Connect, IP Transit and Last Mile. For smaller and bespoke deployments, CloudPort becomes a powerful tool in any organization’s network capabilities.”  

Clearly, the flexibility of CloudPort makes it an invaluable product for both larger service providers and SMEs. The ability to access and manage network capabilities from a single hub can improve the agility and efficiency of enterprises throughout the telco industry.   


Addressing a Gap in the Market

While there has been significant diversification in recent years, the telecom industry is still dominated by large, well-established providers. Smaller or “challenger” telco providers often struggle to convert customers and grow their business in the shadow of entrenched players. By offering a streamlined method of onboarding and managing new products, CloudPort facilitates rapid growth for providers even when they don’t have the resources of a larger enterprise.   

Mr Tippelt says, “As a challenger telco ourselves, we’ve experienced many difficulties trying to grow a network service provider business. CloudPort started as a means to quickly deliver network automation following 5GNs’ rapid expansion. Being able to expose the power of our internal technologies, automation, and the development we’ve put into the platform over many years to our wholesale customers became a natural evolution.”  

Noticing a gap in the market for growing providers empowered 5GN to create and hone their own solutions. After years of testing, researching and perfecting their product, the team could share the fruits of their labour with customers, helping a new generation of service providers grow their business.   

The introduction of CloudPort coincided with a growing demand for automated cloud solutions. As Mr Tippelt says, “With the expansion of automated cloud technologies, wholesalers are looking for automated access and control of their products and services, as well as the ability to scale when they need. We can deliver all of this through CloudPort.”  

CloudPort offers a unique solution to a previously unaddressed problem and meets the demands of modern enterprises. Mr Tippelt says that the hub is one of many new products that 5GN is rolling out in the coming year; if they’re all as innovative as CloudPort, the telco industry has a lot to look forward to.   


Think 5GN could be right for your business?

Visit their website or Cloudscene profile to learn more about CloudPort and the broader 5GN Wholesale Ecosystem. 



Contributor: Nic Tippelt, Wholesale Manager

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 1.42.14 pm 

Following the successful acquisition of his startup ColoAU, Nic joined 5G Networks in July 2020 as Wholesale Manager, with the intention to grow and scale the company's unique telecommunications and data centre offerings across Asia Pacific. Nic has 10 years of experience in telecommunications and the data centre industry across a range of business development, solution design, network operations. 

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