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The Benefits of Cloud Migration, with Dade2’s Manuel Trongone


The Benefits of Cloud Migration, with Dade2’s Manuel Trongone

[Cloud, Expert Insights] July 24, 2022 1 PM

Key Points:

  • Dade2 is a multi-national IT consultancy firm that helps businesses to assess, optimize and scale their digital solutions.
  • Cloud Migration is the process of uploading existing IT infrastructure and/or data to the cloud.

  • Cloud Migration can help businesses save money, expand operations, improve performance and provide their customers with a seamless digital experience.

  • Search Cloudscene to find managed service providers like Dade2 that can assist with cloud, colocation or internet services.

 The global cloud computing market is formidable. At the close of 2021, the industry was estimated at USD 380.25 billion. By 2030, the market is expected to hit USD 1,614.1 billion at a CAGR of 17.43% (2022 to 2030). Cloud computing has revolutionized many facets of modern life, including our work, how we communicate and even how we entertain ourselves. 


The cloud is flexible, secure and reliable, making it a popular storage option for businesses worldwide. En masse, enterprises are migrating their IT infrastructure and data to the cloud to compete in the modern marketplace and retain customers. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like Dade2 help businesses migrate their on-premises IT equipment to the cloud, assessing each customer's unique requirements to provide them with a bespoke solution.


We sat down with Manuel Trongone, CEO of Dade2, to discuss cloud migration and its key benefits. In the interview, we explore why businesses should onboard data to the cloud, what types of companies can profit from cloud migration and examine Dade2’s unique value proposition as a leading MSP. 


What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is when a business uploads its in-house IT ecosystem to the cloud. The IT ecosystem includes any equipment or data that is physically stored at their place of business, such as servers or other hardware. Because this process can be complicated and time-consuming, enterprises usually procure the services of an MSP to coordinate the project planning and financial management of the migration.

As Mr Trongone says: “Such a migration requires excellent project planning on both the financial and technical side to ensure all the details are ironed out before the migration takes place, as well as properly forecasting data growth in coming years.”

Partnering with an MSP for data migration helps businesses smoothly transition to the cloud and equips them with the capacity required for future growth.


Key Benefits

Migrating data to the cloud offers myriad benefits to businesses of all sizes. Mr Trongone broke these advantages down into four key categories:


1. Cost

Hosting data and equipment on-premises can be costly. Digital infrastructure and software require frequent and usually expensive upgrades to function efficiently, in addition to routine maintenance from third-party professionals. Furthermore, most IT equipment operates best in a dust-free, cold environment, which can be difficult for most offices to maintain.

When businesses transition to the cloud, these expenses fall to the cloud service provider – saving the customer time and money on maintenance and enabling them to focus on their core business.


2. Scalability

One of the key benefits of the cloud is its ability to easily scale requirements up or down, depending on customer needs. Growing businesses can quickly increase storage capacity with the cloud to support larger workloads, more data and more users. In traditional IT environments, expanding companies had to purchase additional physical services, software licences, and storage/ network equipment to scale up business services. Cloud service providers can manage your expansion end-to-end to ensure the process is as quick and seamless as possible.


3. Performance

Migrating to the cloud can improve IT performance and end-user experience. As previously mentioned, applications and software hosted by the cloud can be easily scaled to reach more users. Businesses expanding to new locations can establish multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) globally to ensure that all customers enjoy the same experience and speed, regardless of location.


4. Digital Experience

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of the cloud is flexibility. With a reliable internet connection, employees or customers can access business data through the cloud whenever and wherever they like. This convenience contributes to what Mr Trongone describes as ‘digital transformation’, wherein businesses cultivate an improved customer experience through modern, flexible technology.


Working with an MSP

As established, businesses of all sizes can benefit from cloud migration. While the process may seem daunting, SMEs can onboard to the cloud as swiftly as larger businesses if they partner with an MSP. As Mr Trongone puts it, “SMEs can hugely benefit from migrating their data to the cloud. Their systems and applications are improved to almost 100% uptime, and they save on hardware investments, maintenance and renovations. Most importantly, they save time on the administrative tasks associated with keeping these systems running; they can focus on the real value of their company, which is their product and/or service.” 


For late adopters, it should be noted that the cloud is considerably safer than storing data on-premises. The risk of system failure, cyber and physical breaches and lost data is far greater when IT infrastructure is stored in an office space. SMEs can benefit from migrating to the cloud with an MSP so that the burden of managing these many tasks doesn't fall on busy IT teams.  


The Dade2 Solution

As a leading MSP, Dade2 offers customers a unique and personal approach to cloud migration. Mr Trongone states, “Ideally, you want an MSP that will assess your current IT infrastructure, preferably on-site, and deliver a concept for a new and improved architecture in a matter of days. Then you would expect the MSP to prepare your migration timeline, perform the migration on your behalf and support, maintain and upgrade your infrastructure as needed in the cloud. That’s exactly what Dade2 does, that’s our modus operandi.”


Considering your current IT infrastructure, Dade2 cultivates a holistic cloud strategy to align with your team and company goals. The firm consistently adds new services and technologies to its cloud portfolio to ensure customers have access to the latest innovations.

“While we keep performance and stability at the core of our business, we’re a team that is dedicated to testing and integrating the latest market solutions to provide our customers with a wide selection of products that can help them achieve their business goals,” Mr Trongone says.   

Dade2 has a very clear vision for the next twelve months: connect with three additional cloud regions, implement new tools to achieve their ‘0 downtime’ target (even during hyper-complex migrations) and introduce a new and improved graphic user interface (GUI) to streamline their portal.

In the words of Mr Trongone, “We foresee a bright and exciting future in Dade2 and we’re working hard to bring our existing and future customers an amazing surprise in Q3, 2022 in terms of Public Cloud speed.”

In other words, watch this space. 


Think Dade2 could be right for your business?

Visit their website or Cloudscene profile to learn more about cloud migration and the many other managed IT services on offer.



Contributor: Manuel Trongone, CEO of Dade2 


As CEO and founder of Dade2, Manuel is an industry veteran with many years of experience in the IT industry at technical and business levels. He has a robust background in compliance and risk mitigation for high-risk, mission-critical technologies and process-based business solutions. He knows what it takes to successfully implement new technologies, including the cloud, to meet the most demanding business requirements.

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The Benefits of Cloud Migration, with Dade2’s Manuel Trongone

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