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Top 3 Reasons Architects Adopt Managed IT Services

Top 3 Reasons Architects Adopt Managed IT Services

Businesses across all industries are moving towards increasingly digitized practices. This is a fancy way of saying that more companies recognize the benefits of using IT services to streamline daily operations and are changing their strategies accordingly.

Architects are not exempt from this shift. Many firms employ managed IT services to facilitate better communication within teams, improve security and even attract prospective employees. In this article, we will explore the top 3 reasons architects adopt managed IT services and how Cloudscene, a leading digital procurement platform, can help them to connect. 

1. Easier Collaboration

Digital solutions can facilitate more streamlined communication and collaboration in many ways. For example, by integrating Augmented Reality (AR) technology with design software like Autocad, architects can provide a virtual walkthrough of a design or instantly collaborate with contractors on site. Businesses can also enable their employees to work remotely by establishing cloud or phone-based communication tools like Teams or Slack for more flexibility. Essentially, managed IT services provide architects with more ways to work with their team members and communicate better with stakeholders. 

2. Cybersecurity

Ransomware attacks refer to when hackers infect a device and demand that the owner pay a ransom to retrieve their data. Ransomware and other cyber attacks occur in every industry and can be devastating for businesses. 

Architecture firms can use a third party facility or service, like a data center or managed service provider (MSP) to help prevent malware infections. Data centers are purpose-built to protect hardware from physical and digital threats and often employ state of the art security measures to avoid these kinds of attacks. MSPs offer their customers several options, such as antivirus software to protect their data or DNS (Domain Name System) filtering solutions that prevent users from accessing harmful or suspicious web pages. 

Architects must be thoughtful about selecting a data center or MSP and ensure that they offer sufficient security measures to protect their information. 

3. Attract Skilled Employees 

Did you know that 82% of millennials have stated that the use of high-tech equipment and software will influence their decision about taking a new job? Nowadays, employees expect to be supported by current technologies to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, the pandemic has unequivocally shifted employee expectations concerning flexible working arrangements. Employers that don’t have the network capabilities to offer remote or hybrid options may struggle with employee retention

By working with a managed IT provider, architecture firms can update and continue to improve their technology culture to ensure that they attract and retain the best talent in the industry. 

So, how can Cloudscene help?

Cloudscene is a digital procurement platform that helps network buyers search, compare and connect with industry-leading providers. With over 9,900 international service providers listed on Cloudscene, buyers can be confident that they will find a vendor that meets their specific requirements and budgets. 

In addition to searching for specific service providers, Cloudscene also allows buyers to create listings on its Marketplace. A listing outlines what a buyer is looking for in terms of service type, cost parameters and time frames. For example, a listing could dictate that your firm is looking for a network provider in LA to install a reliable internet connection for all employees to facilitate remote working options. Or state that you need a service provider in Sydney that offers DNS blocking and physical and cloud backup.

Once the listing has been created, Cloudscene uses expert data and industry knowledge to connect you with a range of facilities and providers that meet these requirements. Buyers can then vet this list of providers and assess their suitability for your business before finally selecting your preferred vendor.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our friendly team to explore the platform and see how we can help your team save time and money on network services.

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