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Top 3 Reasons to Sign Up for Exclusive Advertising

Top 3 Reasons to Sign Up for Exclusive Advertising

[Selling on Cloudscene] July 18, 2022 5 PM

Are you a service provider on Cloudscene looking to make an impression on our platform? With over 9,900 service providers on Marketplace, your team must take steps to stand out from competitors and meaningfully engage with buyers.

Luckily, Cloudscene offers an array of strategic advertising packages designed to meet specific marketing objectives; for businesses looking to generate maximum exposure, we always recommend our Exclusive Advertising package. Before we take a look at the top 3 reasons your business should sign up for an Exclusive Advertising package, let’s talk about what’s included in the package…


What is Exclusive Advertising?

The Exclusive Advertising package delivers the most exposure of our advertising deals. To give you an idea of what’s included, here are some of the key benefits of the offer:

  • Includes customized banner placements across 15,000+ pages on the Cloudscene platform
  • Ensures greater visibility from the buyers you’re after
  • Can help you to expand into new markets
  • Receive an average of 65,000 impressions per month

In short, your customized banner advertising will appear across thousands of key pages on our platform, significantly increasing visibility to target audiences. When you sign up for exclusive, your brand will be strategically placed on the following pages:

  • Cloudscene Home Page
  • Marketplace Home Page
  • All Service Provider Profiles (except for providers that have a Promoted Profile)
  • All Marketplace Listings
  • Top 10 Rankings Page
  • Cloudscene eDM/Newsletter 

If that isn’t enough to convince you, let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons your business should sign up for Exclusive Advertising:


1. Increased Exposure

We’ve touched on this already, but let’s discuss what increased exposure really means for your business. Exclusive Advertising guarantees that your brand (and only your brand) will feature across almost every page of the Cloudscene website. Whenever buyers click on a service provider profile, look at Marketplace or even visit the Cloudscene homepage, they will see your banner advertising.

This is a powerful marketing tool for any business looking to generate brand awareness and get the attention of buyers in a saturated market. As stated earlier, providers that sign up for Exclusive, on average, receive up to 65,000 impressions each month. This kind of exposure is invaluable and is necessary for organizations looking to generate promising leads.


2. Targeted Audience

Cloudscene hosts thousands of motivated teleco buyers looking to connect with service providers. By advertising on the platform, your business has the unique opportunity to communicate directly and solely with your target audience. This strategic approach significantly increases the efficacy of your marketing efforts, not to mention your ROI.

Essentially, allocating a portion of your marketing budget to advertising on Cloudscene is more beneficial than trying to sell your services to the general public. Buyers on Cloudscene are as informed as they are motivated and are much more likely to respond to your value proposition.


3. Price

Signing up for our Exclusive Advertising package for 1 month, includes banner advertising across 15,000 pages on our platform, averages a minimum of approximately 65,000 impressions per month and costs $5k.

Businesses looking to extend this exposure period can opt for a 3 month package which triples the benefits of the first package, includes a bespoke content package to generate even greater brand exposure and costs $15k.

Cloudscene offers some of the most competitive, high-value advertising opportunities within the industry. As a comparison, a single-page advertisement in one of the industry's leading magazines costs over $82k. This is the price for a single, one-off impression and doesn’t allow for click-through opportunities to your site or engage your audience meaningfully.

When you consider the level of exposure to our engaged audience of buyers and crunch the numbers, Cloudscene’s Exclusive Advertising package just makes sense.


Want to learn more?

If you'd like to learn more about our Exclusive Advertising package please contact our Account & Channel Manager at . Or, if you have any questions about the Cloudscene platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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